stye vs chalazion


Stye and chalazion are eyelid disorders causing sudden-onset localized swelling of the eyelid. Both of them are visible bumps that appear near the edge of the eyelid. Many people got confused between them since they both appear in the eyelids edge. But in fact, they are different from each other.  Initially, they both cause eyelid swelling, edema, hyperemia as well as pain too. But with time, symptoms of chalazion disappear leaving around painless swelling in…

Chalazion in eye is often a painless, non-infectious bump on the eyelids which mostly occur due to obstruction of ducts.  Our eyelids are provided structural support by tarsal plates. These plates consist of dense connective tissue and contain meibomian glands on both upper and lower eyelids. Meibomian glands secretes “meibum”, an oily substance that contributes to prevent evaporation of eye tear film. Sometimes; due to any infection or some other cause, the meibomian glands at…

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