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There are various beliefs, different thoughts regarding eye twitching. Most probably, different beliefs in different countries or locations. Basically eye twitching superstition tells us that the left eye twitching indicates something bad is going to happen in our lives while right eye twitching means something good is about to happen.So don’t be superstitious, it depends upon the state of the internal body system. Eye twitch is just an involuntary spasm. It’s not your eye that…

These days, we can see people “every time” on their digital devices mostly smartphones, anytime anywhere. Either walking in the streets or sitting on the bus, we are always hanging on phones and texting or doing various activities from smartphones. And most probably, in this current scenario, this is the biggest concerned topic in eye health.¬†Here in this blog, we are explaining about Eye damage risks from digital devices and prevention. These digital devices: laptops,…

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