Contact lenses are thin, clear, plastic lenses that are placed on the surface of the eye so as to correct vision or for cosmetic purposes. 

Various research suggests that contact lens wearers engage in improper behavior increase the risk of serious eye infection. 

Proper care and maintenance of contact lenses play an important role for an individual eye health status. So make sure to use them properly.

If you don’t use them safely without proper care then you will surely be at risk of developing serious eye infection which can lead to vision loss or even blindness. 

Why do we wear Contact lenses?

We wear them to correct our vision. Basically they are an alternative option to glasses to correct vision. People who don’t want to wear glasses or those who don’t want to undergo LASIK surgery to correct vision will go for contact lenses. They can correct shortsightedness (myopia), long sightedness (hyperopia) and even astigmatism

Similarly, another reason to wear contact lenses is for cosmetic purposes. People mostly who engage in the movie industry or any other who like to change their eye color can use soft contact lenses. One can change eye color to green, blue and so on. 

Furthermore, people who are involved in sports use contact lenses. Sport people can have a problem with glasses as this can affect performance level. So to increase performance, visual field, better depth perception and good eye-hand coordination, sportspeople use contact lenses.  

In this blog, we are trying to help you understand the basics of contact lenses care and maintenance so as to ensure your good eye health status.

What should you do?

So as to ensure your good eye health status if you wear contacts. Here are some do’s for proper care. 

  1. First thing you should do is you always should have the latest prescription for new contacts. You can get it after eye check up by a licensed eye care professional.
  1. Second thing you need to do is follow the instructions of your eye doctor. It is very much important.
  1. Do keep your hands clean and dry before you handle your contact lens. Use fingertips to handle contacts rather than fingernails. Make sure you have trimmed fingernails. 
  1. Make sure to use a fresh, non-expired contact lens solution that your eye doctor recommends.
  1. Do replace your contacts as recommended.
  1. Store your contacts in a lens case with a fresh solution. Clean lens case after each use.
  1. Disinfect your contacts lens properly.
  1. Make sure to insert contacts before applying makeup and remove contacts before washing off makeup. 
  1. If you notice any issues like redness, itching, discharge, blurry vision or any other things, first remove contacts. And then immediately rush to hospital. 
  1. Have regular eye examination so as to ensure fitting and prescription changes.

What should not you do? 

At the same time, there are some things that you should not do to ensure your good eye health. They are as follows. 

  1. Do not wear contacts while swimming or taking shower. 
  1. Make sure you do not sleep with your contacts in unless directed by the doctor. Sleeping with contacts in reduces oxygen flow to the eyes which can cause serious eye condition. There are some lenses too that are designated for overnight wear. 
  1. Do not use water to clean your contact lens.
  1. Make sure you do not insert torn contacts. Best idea is to buy a new one. 
  1. Never reuse solutions. 
  1. Don’t let your contact lens solution bottle touch other surfaces because it can become contaminated. 
  1. Never buy contact lenses without prescription. Though if you have no power in your eye and using them for cosmetic purposes, make sure to check your eye first and get prescription. 
  1.  Not all solutions are the same. Make sure you do not change the brand of contact lens solution unless your eye doctor recommends. 
  1. Don’t share your contacts and solution with anyone. 
  1. Don’t ignore the warning signs. If experiencing anything discomfort or irritating, remove out contacts and visit the hospital to prevent further risks. 

Who cannot wear contact lenses?

Not everyone can use them. There are some contraindications too. People with the following condition can’t use them so far. 

  • Various eye inflammations 
  • Eye infections and eye injury or trauma 
  • People who think instructions are too difficult to follow. 
  • An individual who is using medication that is contraindicated with contacts or contact lens products. 
  • Mentally and physically challenged, who can’t be able to insert and remove lenses without help of others. 

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